Winalmik's Boogie Wonderland

(Ch.Arlington's Back To You x Ch.Winalmik's Elements Of Style)


He is the leader of Luca's Team...Boogie is a precious dog & beauty!


Boogie 4 years and half old, matured in a beutiful dog, with incredible and powerful movement....


Here Pictured at 7 month and half  out of coat



Here pictured  to  Stake Out with all other friends...



Breeder: Winalmik Siberians

Owners: Luca & Valentina Chiarelli, Torino.


Anatomyc measure/ Misure anatomiche

(from Vetogene, Enci recognized/ Dal Vetogene, riconosciuto Enci)



Altezza al garrese/Height at withers :      57,00 cm

Testa/ Head

Lunghezza totale/  Total Lenght :            22,70 cm

Lunghezza cranio/Lenght skull:               12,70 cm

Lunghezza muso/ Lenght muzzle:           10,00 cm

Larghezza cranio/ Widht skull:                12,50 cm

Larghezza muso/ Widht muzzle:               6,20 cm

Altezza muso/ Depth muzzle:                    6,90 cm


Lunghezza/ Lenght:                                  23,00 cm

Perimetro/ Perimeter:                               40,00 cm


Lunghezza Totale/ Total lenght:               64,00 cm

Perimetro Torace/ Perimeter chest:          68,00 cm

Altezza gomito/ Lenght elbow:                31,00 cm

Altezza garretto/ Lenght hock:                17,80 cm

Altezza torace/ Lenght chest:                  26,00 cm

Lunghezza groppa/ Lenght croup:          15,00 cm

Larghezza groppa/ Widht croup:             12,500 cm