Winalmik's Black Is Back


sulla neve e al traino....

5 months old...

4 months old in these new pictures

3 months old in these new pictures! thanks to Graziella and family to growht so well this beautiful and promising dog!!

pictured at 50 days

Owner: Graziella Gregori (Vercelli)




Ch. Repr. Sagebrush's No Name

Ch. Usa Sagerbrush's Yippy Yi Yo

Ch.Usa  Sagerbrush's The Bear Fax

Sagerbrush's Rain In The Face

  Ch.Usa Kaila's Kokopelli

Ch.Usa Kaila's Tom e Wolfe

Ch.Usa Kaila's Chambrae

Ch. Int. Cro. Winalmik's She's So Lovely

Kontoki's Takin My Time

Ch.Kontoki's One Mo'Time

Ch. Kontoki's Tullemore A La Mode

Ch. Sierra Firesun O'Sea-son

Ch. Arlington's Firekrakr

Sun Howl Silent