Litter born on 13 march 2009


Ubinec Du Baiser Orageux    x     Ch. All Eyez On Me Du Baiser Orageux

Born 8 pups, 3 males and 5 females

Winalmik's Welcome to the Jungle Male 2 normal testicles, Complete  scissor bite, deceased 11 months old for an accident, heart OK
Winalmik's Angels and Demons Male 2 normal testicles, Complete scissor bite, exported in Australia where became studdog at Belgenbeau kennel, Heart OK
Winalmik's Charly Brown Male 2 normal testicles, Complete scissor bite, live in a family. Heart OK
Winalmik's Hakuna Matata Female HDB , level complete bite. Heart OK
Ch. Winalmik's Elegance is An Attitude Female HDB , exported in Denmark. Heart OK
Ch. RE Winalmik's All About 'U Female

HDA, Scissor complete bite, She stay at the Kennel. Heart ok. Deceased at 10 years and half old for a mammal cancer.

Winalmik's Xpress Yourself Female Agility dog, grade 2. Heart ok
Winalmik's Black Berry Female She live in a family kennel. Heart ok



Ubinec Du Baiser Orageux

Ch. Ruska Van Balderlo

Ourasis De Romanin

Oby Van Balderlo

Starlight Du Baiser Orageux

Multi Ch. Oris Du Mas De La Galandie

Nour Du Baiser Orageux

Ch. All Eyez On Me Du Baiser Orageux

The Tzaar Du Baiser Orageux

Apache Van Balderlo

Pharamineuse Du Baiser Orageux

Roxane Du Baiser Orageux

Multi Ch. Morgan Du Domain Du Baugè

Nour Du Baiser Orageux





















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