Italian , International & European Junior Champion



Ch. Sierra FireSun  O’ Sea – Son



“ Sierra “

13 january 1992 - 11 march 2005

angel of my heart, friend  of my life.


Reserve Best In Show winner

  Groups winner and placement.

Multi Best Of Breed, CACIB and CAC winner.

HD- A, eyes clear









Here pictured taking her Young European Title

under Judge Mr.KOSA KSABA

At The European Dog Show Budapest 1993



Sierra wins open class Specialty show in Milano 94 with Mr. Martin Usa



Female, red 6 white with blue eyes born on 13/01/1992





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 Breeder, Owner & Handlers: Winalmik Siberians  


Best Results



1° Exc. Best Veteran Italian Clubshow San Sepolcro 07/09/02 Judge Mrs. Cook (USA)

1° Exc. Best Veteran Italian Clubshow Firenze 20/05/2001 Judge Mrs. Bonadonna (USA)

2° Exc. World Dog Show Milano 23/06/2000 Judge Mr.Stanton (S)




1° Exc. Nat. Sacile 17/08/97

1° Exc. Nat. Ravenna 11/05/97 

1° Exc. Annual Italian Clubshow Genova 29/09/96 Judge Mr. Renai (I)

1° Exc. CACIB & BOS  Specialty Show Int. Sanremo 20/03/96 Judge Mr. De Wilde (B)

1° Exc. R. CACIB Int. Torino 04/02/96 Judge Mr. Chamberlain (B)

1° Exc. Int. Trieste 14/10/95

1° Exc. Nat. Seveso 07/05/95 Judge Mrs.Violi (I)

1° Exc. Nat. Ferrara 01/05/95 Judge De Giuliani (I)

1° Exc. R.CACIB Int. Sar Remo 23/04/95 Judge Mr.Bernini (I)

1° Exc. BOB Nat. Livorno 09/04/95 Assenmacher (D)

1° Exc.CACIB & BOS Specialty Show Int. Morciano di Romagna 26/03/95 Judge Mr.Adinolfi (I)

1° Exc. CACIB & BOS Int. Torino Judge Mrs. Van Mechelen (B)

1° Exc. Nat.Mantova 05/03/95 Judge 

1° Exc. R.CACIB Specialty Show Int. Ancona 18/02/95 Judge Mrs. Pinner (A)




1° Exc. CAC & R.CACIB NEW ITALIAN CH!! Specialty Show Int.Milano 14/01/95 Judge Mr. Martin (USA)

1° Exc. CAC CACIB & BOS Int. Erba 11/12/94 Judge Mrs. Mc Laubli (CH)

1° Exc. CAC & R.CACIB Specialty Show  Int. Genova 05/11/94 Judge Mr. 

1° Exc. CAC & CACIB NEW INT.CH.!!! Int. Foggia 23/10/94 Judge Mr.Pentenero (I)

2°Exc.R.CAC Int. Bellagio 02/10/94 Judge Mr. lehtinen (S)

1° Exc. CAC CACIB BOB BOG & RES.BIS!!! Int. Rijeka 11/09/94 Judge Mrs. Hietalati (S)

2° Exc.R.CAC Italian Annual Clubshow Riccione 17/04/94 Judge Mr. Ross (USA)

1° Exc. CAC Nat.Piacenza 04/04/94 Judge Mr. Pentenero (I)

1° Exc.CAC CACIB & BOS Int. Brno 20/03/94 Judge Mrs.Pinner (A)

2° Exc.R.CAC Italian Annual Clubshow Genova 28/11/93 Judge Mr. Harsany (H)

1° Exc. CAC BOB BOG & BIS 4° Nat.Savona 12/09/93 Judge Mr. De Wilde (B)

1° Exc. CAC & BOS Nat. Sacile 22/08/93 Judge Mr. Tavazzani (I)

1° Exc. CAC Nat.Parma 09/05/93 Judge Mr. Renai (I)

1° Exc. CAC CACIB BOB & BOG Int. Salzburg 17/04/93 Judge Mrs. Kuffer (LUX)



1° Exc. Young European Champion European Dog Show Budapest 07/05/93 Judge Mr. Ksaba (H)

1° Exc. Nat.Ostiglia 12/04/93 Judge Mr.Motta (I)

1° Exc. Nat.Cremona 28/03/93 Judge Mr.Agnello (I)

1° Exc. BOB & GROUP 2° Nat. Morciano di Romagna 21/03/93 Judge Mr.Ammannati (I)









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