International, Croatian Champion


Ch. Winalmik's She's So Lovely




Young SHC-I Social Club Winner

Multi Cac, Cacib, & Best Of Breed Winner.

HD - A, eyes clear



Annual Italian Clubshow 03/09/2005, 3° Exc. Judge Mr. M. Jennings (USA) at 7 years and half old



A very big friend of us defined her so, about her temperament:

She is like a miniature bullterrier.She want to know everything.

She want to eat always,she like to shout at the show. Crazy!!

I think that is the best description about this concentrateof powerfull in a so nice and elegant bitch.....






Maggie and the babies...


Female, Black & White, Blue Eyes, Born on 10/04/98



Ch. Winalmik's Husqvarna's Hot Chocolate

Ch.Winalmik's Coral Sea At Torquemada

Ch. Winalmik's Blu Vertigo Of Big Foot

Ch. Winalmik's Fly In To The Future 

Ch. Winalmik's Anastasia

J. Ch. Winalmik's Black Rhapsody

Winalmik's Pretty Woman

Winalmik's Black Velvet


Winalmik's Xtreme Dark Angel

Winalmik's Ray Of Light

Winalmik's Brave Heart


Winalmik's Limited Edition

Winalmik's Milk & Coffèe

Winalmik's Earth Wind & Fire

Winalmik's Never Ending Story

Winalmik's Alexander

Winalmik's A Million Dollar Baby

Winalmik's Red Hot Chili Pepper

Winalmik's Black Is Back






Kontoki's Takyn' My Time

Ch.Kontoki's One Mo' Time

Ch.Kontoki's Opossum Holler

Ch.Kontoki's Minute Made

Ch.Kontoki's Tullemore A La Mode

Ch.Bobkat's Even'Up O'Innisfree

Sekene's Bijou

Ch.Sierra Firesun O'Sea- Son

Ch.Arlington's Firekrakr

Ch.Frantasia's Bit Of Fire

Ch.Arlington's Krakrjak Kris

Sun Howl Silent

Ch.Aazar's Rocky MT High


Breeder, Owner & Handler: Winalmik Siberians


Anatomyc measure/ Misure anatomiche

(from Vetogene, Enci recognized/ Dal Vetogene, riconosciuto Enci)



Altezza al garrese/Height at withers :      50,80 cm

Testa/ Head

Lunghezza totale/  Total Lenght :            20,50 cm

Lunghezza cranio/Lenght skull:               11.10 cm

Lunghezza muso/ Lenght muzzle:             9,40 cm

Larghezza cranio/ Widht skull:                 11,00 cm

Larghezza muso/ Widht muzzle:                5,50 cm

Altezza muso/ Depth muzzle:                    6,60 cm


Lunghezza/ Lenght:                                  20,00 cm

Perimetro/ Perimeter:                               34,00 cm


Lunghezza Totale/ Total lenght:               56,00 cm

Perimetro Torace/ Perimeter chest:          60,00 cm

Altezza gomito/ Lenght elbow:               26,00 cm

Altezza garretto/ Lenght hock:                16,00 cm

Altezza torace/ Lenght chest:                  24,00 cm

Lunghezza groppa/ Lenght croup:          14,40 cm

Larghezza groppa/ Widht croup:             10,70 cm




Champion Class:


2° Exc. R. CAC 20/08/2006 Int. Bratislava, Judge Mrs. G. Ridarcikova (SK)

2° Exc. R. CAC 19/08/2006 Int. Bratislava, Judge Mr. T. Gellen (H)

3° Exc. Annual Italian Clubshow 03/09/2005 Judge Mr. Jennings (USA)

2° Exc. R.Cac 21/08/2005 Int. Bratislava (SK) Judge Mr. Velez Pico Roberto (Puerto Rico)

2° Exc. R.Cac 20/08/2005 Int. Bratislava (SK) Judge Mr. Wiblishauser (D)

2° Exc. R.Cac 31/07/2005 Austrian Clubshow Judge Mr. Zimmerman (A)

1° Exc. Cac, Cacib & Bos Int. Zadar 01/05/05 Judge Mrs. Talvitje (FIN)

1° Exc. Cac & R.Cacib & NEW CRO. CH!!! Int. Zadar 30/04/05 Judge Mr. Kuzely (SLO)


Open Class:

1° Exc. Cac R.Cacib Int. Bratislava 22/08/04 Judge Mr. Biros (SK) AND NEW INTERNATIONAL CH!!!!

2° Exc.R.Cac Int. Szombathely 18/07/04 Judge Mr. Kuzely (SLO)

2°Exc. R. Caca Int. Oberwart 17/07/04 Judge Mr. Schimpf (A)

1° Exc. Cac Cacib & Bos Int. Varazdin 23/05/04 Judge Mr. Stift (A)

1° Exc. Caca Cacib & Bos Int.Salzburg 15/05/04 Judge Mr. Deutcher (A)

1° Exc. Cac Cacib & Bos Int. Zadar 02/05/04 Judge Mrs. Steinbock (Isr)

1° Exc. Cac & Res. Cacib Int. Zadar 01/05/04 Judge Mrs. Van Mechelen (B)

2° Exc. Res.Cac Int. Varazdin 28/09/03 Judge Mrs. Szgylagy (H)

1° Exc. Cac & Res Cacib Int. Empoli 06/09/03 Judge Mr. De Giuliani (I)

1° Exc. Cac & Res Cacib Int. Innsbruck 08/03 Judge Mr. Stift (A)

2° Exc. Res.Cac Int. Bratislava 17/08/03 Judge Mr. Csepai (H)

1° Exc. Cac Cacib & Best Of Breed Int. Bratislava 16/08/03 Judge Mr. Havelka (SK)

2° Exc. R.Cac Austrian Clubshow Hartberg 13/07/03 Judge Mr. Urosevic (Yu)

1° Exc. Cac & Res. Cacib Int. Novigrad 21/06/03 Judge Mrs. Kirchbilcher (A)

1° Exc. Cac & Res. Cacib Int. Varese 28/09/02 Judge Mrs. Sunde Marit (Sfr)

3° Exc. Int. Firenze 19/05/02 Judge Mrs. Laurin (Usa)

1° Exc. Cac & Bos Nat. Alessandria 01/05/02 Judge Mr. Della Rena (I)

2° Exc. Res.Cac & Res. Cacib Int. Sanremo 07/04/02 Judge Mr. Buratti (I)

3° Exc. Italian Clubshow  Milano 27/01/02 Judge Mr. Frederiksen (Usa)

1° Exc.Cac Nat. Ivrea 18/11/01 Judge Mr. Buratti (I)

3° Exc. Italian Clubshow Firenze 20/05/01 Judge Mrs. Bonadonna (Usa)

2° Exc. Res. Cac Nat. Trbolvje 19/08/99 Judge Mrs. Kavcic (Slo)


Young Class: 

2° Exc. Int. Torino 07/02/99 Judge Mr. Chamberlain (B)









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