Italian, International, Croatian , Austrian , Reproducer Champion

Best In Specialty Winner



HD - A , Eyes clear

 Refrigerated semen available

BISS, RES. Best In Show, Group, BOB, Cac, Cacib winner.


"Silver" born on Kaila Kennel on 12 March 2000. He is a very excellent representative of the breed. His type is sweet and pleasant, his movement is powerful and elegant, his topline is balanced. All these charateristics together make Silver a very moderated dog. We are really proud to have him in our Kennel. We have also to remember his pedigree. He is in linebreeding on Ch.Kaila's Baccarat and His grandfather is Ch. Tullemore's Copyright.....His offsprings give and idea about that this dog passed them.

Thanks Sylvia Gusinde gived us the possibility to have such a beautiful dog.

in stand....

and on the move.....

Annual Italian Clubshow 3/7/05, Judge Mr. Jennings, Silver is CAC!

Annual Italian Clubshow 3/9/06, Judge Mr. Buoniello , Silver is R. CAC!

Monografica 2006 in Bologna ,  Judge Mr. Volker Schon , Silver is BISS, NEW ITALIAN CHAMPION!!!!

Parma National dog show, Silver is BEST OF GROUP






Male, Grey/White, Brown Eyes, Born on 12/03/2000


Ch. Winalmik's Blu Vertigo Of Big Foot 

Ch. Winalmik's Baby Revolutions Of Marook Ravine

Ch. Winalmik's Anastasia 

Ch Winalmik's Fly In To The Future 

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Ch. Winalmik's Jack Sparrow

J. Ch. Winalmik's Denny Rose

Ch. Winalmik's Red Hunter Of Shining Waters

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Ch. Matrix Of Siberian Lady 

Ch. X Ni Ra's Enya Of Snowy Grove

J. Ch.Torquemada's Peach And Cream 



M Joy Of Siberian Lady

Winalmik's Firework

Winalmik's Deep Inside A Dream

Winalmik's The Other Side Of The Moon

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Winalmik's Pretty Woman

Winalmik's Moulin Rouge

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Winalmik's China Roses  

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Winalmik's Never Ending Story

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Winalmik's Red Hot Chili Pepper    

Snowy Grove's El Nino Of X Ni Ra

First Day Of Summer For Winalmik

Torquemada's Preview Of A Success At Winalmik 

Torquemada's Powny In The Rain Dance 

Torquemada's Pledge Of Friendship 

Winalmik's C.S.I. New York

Winalmik's Wish Upon A Time






Ch. Kaila's Burberry

Ch. Kaila's Baccarat

Ch. Kaila's Red Zinger O'Innisfree

Kaila's Mountain Mistique

Kaila's Nightshade

Ch. Pole - land's Regulus WOW

Kaila's Bittersweet

Kaila's Russian Cameo

Ch.Tullemore Copyright

Tullemore's Point Of View

Ch. Tullemore's Keepsake

Kaila's From Russia With Love

Ch. Kaila's Baccarat

Kaila's Chambrae

Breeder: Richard & Pauline Price

Owner/ lover : Winalmik Kennel


Anatomyc measure/ Misure anatomiche

(from Vetogene, Enci recognized/ Dal Vetogene, riconosciuto Enci)



Altezza al garrese/Height at withers :      55,00 cm

Testa/ Head

Lunghezza totale/  Total Lenght :            22,00 cm

Lunghezza cranio/Lenght skull:               12,00 cm

Lunghezza muso/ Lenght muzzle:           10,00 cm

Larghezza cranio/ Widht skull:                12,60 cm

Larghezza muso/ Widht muzzle:               6,00 cm

Altezza muso/ Depth muzzle:                    8,20 cm


Lunghezza/ Lenght:                                  20,00 cm

Perimetro/ Perimeter:                               38,00 cm


Lunghezza Totale/ Total lenght:               60,50 cm

Perimetro Torace/ Perimeter chest:          64,00 cm

Altezza gomito/ Lenght elbow:                30,50 cm

Altezza garretto/ Lenght hock:                17,00 cm

Altezza torace/ Lenght chest:                  25,00 cm

Lunghezza groppa/ Lenght croup:          15,00 cm

Larghezza groppa/ Widht croup:             11,60 cm




Champion Class


1 Exc. CAC R. CACIB Int. Szombathely (H) 22/07/2007, Judge Mr. A. Peinado (Esp)

1 Exc. CAC  Hungarian Clubshow Kecskemet (H), 09/09/2006 Judge Mr. Parrondo (ESP)

2 Exc. R.CACA & NEW AUSTRIAN CHAMPION!!!! Int. Innsbruck (A), 26/08/2006 Judge Mr. M. Steimbacher (A)

1 Exc. BOB  Nat. Laveno (I), 06/08/2006,  Judge Mr. Bauchal (I)

1 Exc. CACA R. CACIB Int. Salzburg (A), 13/05/2006,  Judge Mrs. P. Poduschka Aigner (A)

1 Exc. CAC CACIB BOB  Int. of Zadar (HR) 01/05/2006, Judge Mrs. K. Kingston (AUS)

1 Exc. CAC R. CACIB  Int. of Zadar (HR) 30/04/2006, Judge Mr. I. Selimovic (HR)

1 Exc. CACA BOB BISS  Austrian Clubshow Drassmarkt (A) 16/10/05 Judge Mr. E. Deutcher (A)

1 Exc. BOB GROUP 2, Nat. Crocetta del Montello 26/06/05 Judge Mr. Balac Jovica (HR) & Adinolfi (I)

1 Exc. BOB BOG Nat. Parma 02/06/2005 Judge Mr. Buratti (I)



Open Class:


1 Exc. CAC BOB BISS NEW ITALIAN CHAMPION!!!  Monografica Cirn 10/12/2006, Judge Mr. V. Schon (D)

2 Exc. R.CAC  Annual Specialty 03/09/2006,  Judge Mr. Vincent Buoniello (USA)

2 Exc. R.CAC  Specialty Show Milano 28/01/2006  Judge Mrs. Manola Poggesi (I)

3 Exc.  Specialty Show Vicenza 02/10/2005  Judge Mr. Anitra Cuneo (USA)

1 Exc. Cac Italian Clubshow 03/09/2005, Judge Mr. M. Jennings (USA)

2 Exc. R. Caca Austrian Clubshow 31/07/05, Judge Mr. Zimmermann (A)

2 Exc. R. Caca Int. Oberwart 30/07/05, Judge Mr. Volker Schon (D)

3 Exc. European Dog Show Vienna Tulln 05/06/2005 Judge Mrs. Kammerscheid Lammers (D)

1 Exc. Cac Cacib BOB & Group 2  Int. Zadar 01/05/05 Judge Mrs. Talvitje (FIN)

1 Exc. Cac Cacib Bos NEW INT. CH. Int. Erfurt (D) 02/04/2005 Judge Mr. G. Schaefer (D)

1 Exc.Cac Nat. Ivrea 7/11/04 Judge Mrs. Van Mechelen (B)

2 Exc.Res.Cac Int. Maribor 18/09/04 Judge Mr. Rotner (SLO)

1 Exc. Caca Int. Innsbruck 21/08/04 Judge Mrs. Delaquis (CH)

1 Exc.Cac & Res.Cacib Int. Szombathely18/07/04 Judge Mr. Kuzely (SLO)

2 Exc. Res. Cac & Cacib Int. Novigrad 19/06/04 Judge Mr. Gorajo (Por)

1 Exc. Cac & Bos Nat. Prato 06/06/04 Judge Mrs. Kirchbilcher (A)

1 Exc. Cac Cacib, Best Of Breed , Best Of Group & Reserve BIS Int. Zadar 01/05/04 Judges Mrs. Van Mechelen & Mrs. Steinbock

1 Exc. Cac & Res. Cacib Int. Viterbo 11/04/04 Judge Mrs. Miglietta (I)

1 Exc. Cac & Res. Cacib Int. Forli 07/02/04 Judge Mr. Buratti (I)